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Please look country code, the area code and 242 phone code. Telephone code 242 is dialed after the IDD. international dialing 242 is followed by an area code. Information about which country belongs the country code 242. Phone code 00242, 242, 242.The international phone code to call Republic of Congo (country code / dialing code) is 242. Composition of a country code list. For international calling codes, most countries have two-digit country codes.Representation of international phone codes. Telephone area code 242, 00242, 242: telephone area code of which country?Congo country code is Congo phone code you must dial before to call Congo from another country. 242 country code is Congo phone code.The dialing to call Congo will be the following: 00242 area local number. Phone number calculator. Emergency numbers.242. .cg. 6:58. Note: The leading zero of the national area code must be omitted here. International telephone calling dialing code or time zone for any country or city.Phone numbers are often written in this format: 44-(0)1224-XXXX-XXXX.

Congolese international phone code : "242".You have got a call from phone number beginning with 242 or 00242 or 011242 or 242 and you want to know which country is the country code 242. This page details Republic of the Congo phone code.With the complete Republic of the Congo dialing code, you can make your international call.

You can start finding phone numbers with the area code 0242 right away!Telephone numbers with the same dialing code. 242 Area Code. Search. Country: Bahamas. Latest comments. phone.Latest Articles. US Treasury Phone Scam BBB is warning about a phone scam targeting local consumers stating there are Turkey Phone Codes. The Turkey international and local phone codes provided on this page will help you to make an international phone call to Turkey. Information on telephone codes. List of countries that have the phone code 242 ? Where is telephone country code 242 ? Which country has the telephone dialing code 00242 ? The answer is Congo-Kinshasa-Zaire. Use suffix 242 country code to call telephone, mobile or cellular numbers in Congo.Phone Number Tracer Trace any Number in India. Mobile Number Tracker Track Mobile Numbers. I would recommend using Googles libphonenumber. The answer to Extract code country from phone number [libphonenumber] will show you the proper way to receive country code from a phone number. Free database telephone area codes of cities and operators worldwide. More 690,000 codes. Contains information about the code, country, region, city, operator, and date. Call International codes - country phone code, exit phone code, trunk phone code for countries in the world. Free Nec E242 cell phone unlocking. Nec unlock code. Unlocking your Nec E242 cellular phone with an unlock code will allow you to use it on any network, reducing call and top up costs significantly. Country code 881 is used for satellite mobile phones, with the next digit identifying the operator: 0 or 1 is reserved for ICO GlobalTelephone country code 211 is now in effect for South Sudan. 00242 Phone Code. soksovan March 28, 2017 Online Leave a comment 1 Views.You want to know wich country has the dialing code 244? Locate the right phone area codes for every nation around the world with our easy to use site. Browse our complete list or use our convenient lookup page for the dial code you need. Area Code 242 covers 12 Cities in The Bahamas. Trace 242 phone number to the owner.Trace the Origin of Any Area Code (242) Phone Number. Country codes are used when dialing an international phone number.Below is a comprehensive list of all country phone codes and international exit codes. 242 RepublicoftheCongo : Main Page > International > Republic of the Congo. Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Republic of the Congo. References: Wikipedia: Republic of the Congo. Postal code of Republic of the Congo. It looks like: Access code (IDD) country calling code area code (if any) subscribers phone number. Free 859-242 Telephone Code Information For Williamstown . . .Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup for Area Exchange Code . . . This code is used for factory format. Itll remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage. Itll also reinstall the phone firmware. Phone code. 242. Country (English).More information about full phone number in our service Determine the operator and region on phone number. International Calling Codes: How to Dial Phone Numbers in Congo (Republic) Congo (Republic) Phone Numbers: 242 Area Code Local Number. Phone Unlocking Service - Learn how to unlock Nec E242 phone. Find an unlock code for Nec E242 cell phone or other mobile phone from Decodari Telefoane Oline prin IMEI . Dialing Code 242. Prefix / Phone Code. 00242. Map.00241 Dialing Code. Dialling Codes of all countries of the world. Romania Dial Codes. Bucharest Time. Romania Phone Code: 40. Get phone codes to callCalarasi Romania.242 area code Calarasi area code. This is your complete guide to call Calarasi Romania. Phone Listings From Area Code 325-242. Area Code: 325-242 Phone Type: Landline Phone Company: "VERIZON WIRELESS (VAW), LLC". Details about area code 620242, including located city, state, zipcode, carrier, latitude and longitude etc.Here are some random corresponding phone numbers. 242 area code. Country: Bahamas. Did you get a call from a phone number you do not recognize?This reverse phone directory is FREE. After reading reports about the phone number left by other Currency numeric code, Iso 4217, Business.Coin Phone Refunds. Other phone area codes may be found using AreaCode.orgs area code locator. Use the search function for area code look up. Buy your order toll free with instant call records. Search and find UK telephone codes, area codes, telephone exchanges, telephone companies and telephone numbers at TelephoneCodes.info. Cities phone codes sorted by area code.Mobile operators cell phone codes.Other phone services codes. Telephone codes. The international country codes for the phones were introduced not on a whim, but with necessity. Get the fastest, easiest reverse phone search with Phone Search Now! Heres our phone directory(242) area codes number the highest in the state of FL.

Thats a total of 572 phone numbers in FL. 00242 is Congo-(RPC) country telephone code.City calling phone code. Brazzaville. 242. Area Code 242 Phone Number Investigator is the place to find phone numbers of harassing prank calls or read comments about 1-242. Area code 242 is the local telephone area code of The Bahamas. The 242 area code, or BHA, was created during a split from the original 809 area code which began permissive dialing on 1 October 1996 and ended 31 March 1997. Last reported phone company is Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny, OCN code 6959. (917) 242-1739 phone zip code area is 10462 and time zone Eastern (GMT -05:00). Area code 242 is the local telephone area code of The Bahamas. The 242 area code, or BHA, was created during a split from the original 809 area code which was done in October 1996. Lookup any Phone Number in the 242 Area code. Its 100 free to do 242 reverse phone lookups as well. Look up any phone today! Phone Number Format: 242-XXX-XXXX. Area CodeStatistics for Area Code: 242. Searches

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