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Venus in Leo.Venus in the 8th house.Venus conjunct ascendant. Venus opposed Saturn. Venus in Aries Ascendant Kundali(Birth chart) in Different Houses and Its Effects. 1st House (In Aries) Venus is considered to be a Maraka Graha in this kundali.5th House (In Leo) Will cause the Yoga of having a daughter/girl child. Публикуйте что угодно (откуда угодно!), настраивайте все до мелочей и читайте то, что вам нравится. Создайте свой блог Tumblr уже сегодня!Jyothisham, Hindu, Indian, sun, moon, mars, venus, jupiter, saturn, rahu, ketu, mercury, hora, jaimini, krschannel, kapiel raaj, astro, forecast, astrological forecast, Sun in 8th house in Leo for CapricornSun in 8th house in Aquarius for Cancer ascendant in Astrology. KRSchannel - Learn Astrology. Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna). If Sun and Venus are in same sign in Navamsa chakra, the native will make huge amounts of money from trading. Venus conjnct Mars in 4th house, makes native enjoy his wealth to the maximum. Venus in ascendant or 1st house by - Effects of theAries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces.11th bhava | Venus in 12th house. The planet Venus is perceived to be one of the most benefic presence in the Indian Leo Ascendant The Sun as the Ascendant lord is again in his inimical sign Aquarius, with the result of delayed and unhappy marriage.The Sun, Venus, 6th lord Mercury and 8th lord Mars are in the 7th house, aspected by 9th and 12th lord Jupiter from the 11th in Chart 4. Right from her school In analogy with the Sun, his ruler, and the 5th House. Leo governs the heart and the spine, and the eyes, according to some authors.Lana Del Rey, Venus in the 1st house (also called Ascendant) represents your behaviour or your character, as seen by others. venus with saturn in 8th house so native may struggle in Venus mahasabha related health and wealth. But its ok native may relief in moon and Jupiter antar dasha, mars also give good result if mars placed in good house in leo ascendant. What does Saturn conjunct Venus in the 10th house signify for an Aries ascendant? Steve Hora, Vedic Astrologer, India. Written Oct 22.

What are the effects of Saturn-Mars Conjunction in 8th house for Leo Ascendant? The native is a Leo ascendant born, Venus in 10th ruling his own house.Why then Venus dasha gave harmful results? For Leo ascendant the Taurus sign in 10 th house contains three stars namely Krithika, Rohini, and Mrigasira. Moon Placed in Leo Ascendant Moon is the lord of 12th house in the Kundli.He will have a love for gathering luxuries.

He may reap benefits from in-laws. Due to the aspect of Venus on the 7th house his expenses will be high. With Venus in 2nd house in Virgo is the lord of 3rd house and 10th house It should be good for your Job or carrier. Venus Ascendant Aspects. A planet in conjunction to the Ascendant always takes on powerful proportions in the natives life and personality.Saturn at 8 Capricorn 20 forms a biquintile to True Node at 14 Leo 20 Rx on March 17th, 2018. E.g. For Leo Ascendant charts, Mercury rules the two main houses of money, the Second and the Eleventh, and so Mercurys condition in the chart(reputation) elder siblings, easy money, fulfillment other 11th house themes. Gemini. Planet Moon Mercury Mars Jupiter Saturn Jupiter Venus. This combination is worst if it happens in Fiery Signs (Aries,Leo,Sagi) in such a case for a male, wife beating becomes very much a possibility.If this conjunction is taking placed in 10th house or Ascendant or aspecting 10 th house, then earning can be through Textiles, Cinematography Having Leo as ascendant make you self-centered but dont restrict you from giving things with both hands (Moon rules 12 th house that indicates personWhereas in other group Saturn becomes Yogakaraka for Venusian ascendant and Venus becomes Yogakaraka for Saturnine ascendant. Venus is the lord of ascendant and 6th house for Taurus ascendant or Vrish Lagna.We often advise for remedy Diamond or Heera for week Venus. Leo Ascendant . hi, i have the same ascendant(leo) with the same planetary positions of rahu, venus and saturn(7th lord) and i tell u the conjunction of rahu-venus created a real mess-up in my love life and am still single since i cant compromiseConjunction of jupiter,venus,rahu ,moon in 3rd house for leo ascendent. Venus - Venus also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, lets take both one after the other. Cancer Ascendant - If it is Cancer AscendantKetu - Likewise, If Ketu is 11th house Lord through its sign Scorpio, as it co-rules Scorpio along with Mars, and sits in 8th house in Leo then 1st Venus represents girlfriend or wife for a man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be husband-wife or mother-daughter. For Leo Ascendant people, Venus rules the 10th house 3rd house of chart with its sign Taurus Libra. Venus in 6th house in libra with sun for a taurus ascendant.My Asc is Leo, Sun is in the 5th house (Sag) together with Uran, Nept, Saturn and Mercury, Mercury being my Atmakaraka (27:15). Ascendant Calculator.Venus in 8th House according to Saravali: If Venus is in the 8th, the native will be long-lived, will enjoy incomparable happiness, be very rich, be equal to a king and moment after moment will feel delighted. Debilitated Venus in 2nd House, its mean the native is Leo ascendant and Venus rule 3rd house and 10th house: 3rd house represents courage, effort and siblings and 10 th house represents career and reputation. VenusVenus is Lord of 4th house (Kendradipati Dosh) so malefic and Lord of 11 th house so malefic. So venus is also bad for Cancer.Leo Ascendant 2,279 views. Effect Of First House Lor Diamond for Leo Ascendant. If you belong to Leo ascendant, then you are not recommended to use diamond. The planet Venus is the lord of the 3rd house and 10th house. I have venus in cancer 26 in fourth house conjunct moon 28 cancer, sun 3 leo, mercury 2 Leo, asteroid Apollo 29 cancer. All conjunct in the 4th house and trines Pluto scorpio and jupiter Sagittarius conjunct in 8th house.

Venus squares ascendant (Aries). LEO as the Lagna (aka Ascendant or Rising Sign) indicates a secure and confident personality, able to create at will that which they wish to do or become.Venus, ruling the 3rd and 10th house, gives cause for pride due to the natives talents and status. The same will happen if Mars is in Taurus (Leo Ascendant) or in Sagittarius (Pisces Ascendant), because then he will be in the 10th as lord of the 9th.All the effects given are logical and relevant to the significations of the tenth house. For the Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, Venus will Select Category 8th house Aquarius Aries Ascendant Astrological Houses Astrology and the movies Astrology Applied Anywhere and Everywhere Astrology Basics Astrology Games Astrology Research Astrology software and booksNeptune Transits: The Worst of Times. Venus in Leo: I Heart Me. 1. For both Aquarius and Leo ascendant natives, the mere association of the 9th and 10th lords doesnt confer any rajayoga 2. If Venus and Rahu are in lagna withOpposite results are seen if Moon is waxing 8. The native becomes fortunate if Moon and Mars are either in the lagna or the 8th house. For Leo ascendant, yoga karaka mars gives good results in all the houses except for 8th 12th house.For Aquarius ascendant, yogakaraka Venus works well in all houses except in 8th house where Venus will be debilitated, but Venus in 8th can give lots of support from in laws and Juno in the 8th House: You need a Sex Machine for a partner. Since the 8 th house rules theJuno Aspects the Sun: There will be a tendency to attract showy, dramatic, Leo types of partners.Juno Aspects the Ascendant: Juno in conjunction with the Ascendant makes us more attractive, like Venus. Anyways without wasting any time, here I go these are the GOOD PLACEMENTS for each planet for each ascendant taking into account many factors by the grace of God(within 4 pages, instead of 150 pages)Venus: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th houses. How that plays out differs- a Leo 8th house Venus may be that kid that plays theater or even dance while the Virgo Venus may become so strict with controllingHomosexuality, odd kink or sexual diseases can also often be caused in this house. In Aquarius ascendant Venus is debilitated that E.g. For Leo Ascendant charts, Mercury rules the two main houses of money, the Second and the Eleventh, and so Mercurys condition in the chart(reputation) elder siblings, easy money, fulfillment other 11th house themes. Gemini. Planet Moon Mercury Mars Jupiter Saturn Jupiter Venus.House: its mean the native is Leo ascendant and Venus rule 3rd house and 10 th house: 3rd house represents courage, effort and siblings and 10th houseBut if not able to achieve, the native suffer from inner turmoil and can have unhappy life. Effect of Debilitated Mars for Various Ascendent. So, an 8th House Leo Venus would be very, very dedicated to having a good time with their partner and living an exciting life with them, to an all-or-nothing degree.Venus in the 8th House. Transiting Pluto conjunct Natal Ascendant: A Brand This Video is applicable to Leo Ascendant only. Thanks For Watching. Rahu and Jupiter in 8 th house for Leo ascendent.In my horoscope I have Gemini ascendant with moon saturn in 2nd house in cancer , sun venus in leo in 3rd house, mercury mars in 4th house , rahu in Fifth , ketu in 11th jupiter in 12 th house. Houses. Rising Sign Ascendant 7th House Descendant The 5th House The 8th House.Venus in Leo. This Video talks about the Results of Venus in 5th House for Leo Ascendant as per Bhrigu Samhita. This Video is applicable to Leo Ascendant only. Thanks For Involving Ascendant, 4th house and 8th house in at least one of these will indicate the possibility. Yearly and Daily Age Harmonics. The Descendant at 22Leo29 is conjunct natal 2nd cusp and square his natal Sun at 22Scorpio25. Can Venus and moon conguntion in 8th house in leo sign may cause death of spouse? Vote Up00Vote Down Reply.Natal Placements. Ascendant.10th House 12th House 1st House 2nd House 3rd House 4th House 5th House 6th House 7th House 8th House 9th House AscendantPlanets Jupiter Mars Mercury Saturn Venus Politics Retrograde Signs Aquarius Aries Cancer Capricorn Gemini Leo Libra Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio I have eo ascendant,sun in 7th house, mars and venus together in 8th house ,Jupiter in 4th house. Will i join my love with details 18-01-1983, 16:12 hrs, Srirangam.Kindly give the predictions. Lunar Return Ascendant in Leo Youre in a friendly mood with everybody and can have a good time anytime.Venus in the Return 11th house With Venus in the return 11th house, you can focus more on your friends, groups, causes, and dreams for your future. Or in other words at your birth time leo sign is rising in eastern horizon in the sky you belong to Leo Ascendant. 2)Meaning Of Leo Ascendant in vedic astrology — 1st house is LeoVenus—Venus is lord of 3rd (Dussthan)and lord of 10th house(Kendradipati Dosh) so it is Malefic for Leo Ascendant. Lord of Ascendant is always considered to be the most functional benefic planet even though the other sign of ascendant is placed in 6th or 8th house as in the case Aries, Scorpio, Taurus and Libra Ascendants.Neutral: Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Sun. For Leo Ascendant. My Leo ascendant, for example, inconjunct with my Venus in Pisces in the 8th house give me a very sporty football-player look, which throws people off when they find out that I am kind and insightful person.

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