jquery show loading gif on form submit





jQuery Loading gif not showing. This is a strange problem, because I have done this about 50 times, but this time it is not working. I want to show a loading gif when a user submits a form.

First, we want to prevent the default action using (wait for it . . .) the JQuery preventDefault() method when the form submit event occurs, otherwise, form submission will proceed automatically, as before, and any code we place in our handler will not work properly. Next, we show our animated Gif. You are trying to show loading image after form submission. ().submit will be redirecting your page so it cannot find loadingimage element.loading , gif , working , clicking , form , submit , jquery , master , content , page Im trying to simply show a loading gif once the form is submitted. My code is not working correctly for the loading gif to show. When the data is returned from the AJAX post we then hide the loading gif and replace the form contents with the data itselfif(!hasError) jQuery(this).find(born-submit).fadeOut(normal, function() jQuery(this).parent().parent().find(.sending-message).show(normal) HTML,Spin,Submit,Form.Internet appears everywhere in our life.

If we open this file in IE browser, after we type the keyword and submit the form, the GIF icon will show up , but it will not be spinning, the same GIF icon will be spinning in Firefox or Chrome.The Basics of jQuery. jQuery AJAX submit form.Jquery-ui-tooltip. I have a list of items that users can trigger a tooltip if desired. I am trying to show a loading gif while the ajax call is performed to get the appropriate data in the tooltip window. ltimg src"images/ajax-loader.gif" alt"loading" id"loading" /gt ltinput type"button" id" submit" name"submit" value"Submit" onclickthe image only shows when the AJAX stuff has finished, which is not what im looking for :( does anyone know how to do this? its got to be possible. how to show loading.gif while uploading a file using jquary.when i click on save button loading.gif has to show while loading a file. below is my jQuery.