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Michigan is the most popular college football team in the state, according to a poll conducted by Reddit.To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs. The Reddit college football community has spoken and Washington State is the most popular college football team in the state of Washington.Thats according to a poll taken on Reddits college football subreddit /r/cfb. I was just browsing on BroBible and stumbled on this article about a poll taken on Reddit. Over 5,000 people voted on the most hated schools in each state.You cant see on the pic below, but Texas is also the most hated team in Reddit map showing most hated CFB team in every state looks very accurate. College Football February 26, 2016 10:07 am. The Reddit poll states the Crimson Tide earned the distinction of most hated college football team in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Thats not all There are haters that go beyond the SEC geography. Reddit Poll Names Most Hated College Football Team inReddit: Most popular college football teams in each state The "hate map" of college football teams each state hates the most. Photo via Reddit.The most hated college football team in Texas is, well, Texas. According to the college football subreddit, at least.Tigers pounce on Longhorns baseball team in blowout. Can you name the most common demonyms used in American writing from Washington Huskies fans hated ESPNs coverage of their team on Saturday, and its not hard to see why. (MoneyWatch) What does it take to have a hugely successful team in college football? Virginia Cavaliers quarterback Matt Johns looks to pass against Notre Dame at Scott Stadium in 2015.

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images). In its latest college football hate map, Reddits subsection /r/CFB revealed state-by-state which team receives the most vitriol. Is that dream opportunity really a nightmare? These 25 hot jobs pay at least 100K. Set a career goal for every month of 2016.Browse through the photos to see college footballs most-hated team by state, according to a Reddit poll. Joined: 01/02/2016. MGoPoints: 12129. Reddit Poll reveals most hated CFB teams. Sorry for the B/R link, but it providesI think the problem is that the poll is like the electoral college. I suspect Notre Dame would be rated much higher in the popular vote (both positive and negative) than state-by- state. I hate all American football teams. Its a violent stupid activity that trades the brains and bodies of gullible young men for the lavish lifestyles of professional team owners and universities alike. It needs to go the way of dog fighting and boxing. reddit nba team names - every single nba team subreddits quot do you think we a.reddit nba team names - the results are in here are the most hated nfl teams in. Reddit Rules/FAQ Announcements Filter Chat Twitter Social Media Poll/Pick Em Team GuideI actually feel a sense of pride that we are the most hated team in non B1G states.[]Ohio State Buckeyes / College Football Playofffrogstomp427 7 points8 points9 points 10 months ago (1 child). Discussion in College Football started by Steve19, Feb 27, 2016.

My favorite: Penn State is the most hated team in its own state! Rivalries in college football are great, but did you ever wonder which team was actually the most hated college football team in your own state? The answer may seem pretty obvious most of the time Reddit user kmhokies35 took a survey of fellow reddit users, asking: 1) what U.S state or Canadian Province do you live in? and 2) what college basketball team do you hate the most? Reddit Poll Names Most Hated College Football Team in Every State vs. Aston Villa: Predicted lineups and team news - World Soccer TalkNC Football Club Girls U11 Red Deliver 6-1 Victory in Strong Season This, of course, includes college football teams. Every fan hates another team. If you dont, youre either not a real fan, or your teams not a real team.Reddit went out on a mission to find out which college football teams are hated the most in each state. According to a Reddit College Football poll , here are the Most Hated College Football Teams By State. You can see a map view which shows which football team every state hates the most at the bottom of the article as well Ohio State is the most-hated college football team in the country in 2016 according to a poll done by Reddit College Football. Reddit CFB had people in every state vote on the team they hate the most.Ohio States Chris Holtmann Named Big Ten Coach Of The Year. Reddit recently polled college football fans on the most popular teams100 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2016-17. The Best Dual Final Four Runs in NCAA History. College Football PlayoffCollege Football Playoff. CFB NationCFB Nation.Which teams are primed for success over the next three seasons at the games most important position?Stoneman Douglas coach Aaron Feis remembered as a hero every day. Reddit Soccer StreamingReddit Poll Names Most Hated College Football Team in Every StateNC Football Club Girls U11 Red Deliver 6-1 Victory in Strong Season A new Reddit poll released this week reveals that Alabama is not quite the No. 1 most hated college football team in America. The Crimson Tide received 9.2 of the vote nationwide in a 5,000-person Reddit College Football poll. The Buckeyes rank as the most hated college football team in America, according to an unofficial poll conducted by Reddit, which built a "hate map" out of nearly 5,000 votes. "In-depth" voting results show 11.3 of the United States hates Ohio State, followed by Alabama and Michigan A new poll by Reddit reveals the most hated college football team in each of the 50 states. There are certain teams everybody loves to hate. As it turns out, though, the most despised squad varies by state. Take a look at the graphic above, which was compiled through a 5,000-vote poll from Reddit College Football (h/t user fearthetree5).[Reddit, h/t College Spun]. And, because we love to hate other teams, Reddit ran a 5,000-vote poll that answered one simple question: which college football program is the most hated in the country? So who gets your vote for the most hated team in college football?Over on the ESPN message boards, the hate for Ohio State is by far the worst. Even though the most hated definitely depends on your favorite team. Related Topics: Most Hated Teams, 2016 College Football, Ohio State Buckeyes Football News, Texas Longhorns Football News, Alabama Crimson Tide Football News, Michigan Wolverines Football News. There are certain teams everybody loves to hate. As it turns out, though, the most despised squad varies by state. Take a look at the graphic above, which was compiled through a 5,000-vote poll from Reddit College Football (h/t user fearthetree5). Supports Reddits Markdown Syntax Poll Description Preview.More Options. Vote Verification Method. Captcha verification Logged in user No verification. Keep This Poll Private On - Even if you performed your state of GA poll on the GT campus, the Georgia Bulldogs would still have come out on top.Alabama has a larger fan base than any other team in college football.Second, if all yall would read the thing, youll see it was a Reddit vote. Theres no doubt the SEC is the most polarizing conference in college football, so it should come as no surprise that the conference landed five teams on Reddits Top 10 list of most hated college football teams. The most hated college football team in Texas is, well, Texas. According to the college football subreddit, at least. A Reddit post on r/CFB (which has over 900 comments and almost 600 net upvotes) posted a college football "hate map" based off of 5,000 votes from Reddit users. Most hated college football team by state — RedditCFB (RedditCFB) August 7, 2014 Heres a bigger picture of the map: Some ofAccording to a poll by Reddit College Football, these are the most hated college football teams in each state. Home Forums Football Forums BWI / McAndrew Board.This was a fan made poll of r/cfb postersI think the total voters was around 5,000. It makes sense that PSU is most hated in PA as the Pitt and Temple fans on there would name PSU, while PSU fans most likely split their vote between OSU, Pitt College football fans can always rely on Reddit for a fun-filled football article every couple of months.Mens Polls. MBB Stat Leaders.The popular social news website recently released an article on the most popular college football teams by state. The poll featured more than 42,000 votes on the social networking site, so its fair to say this is a pretty accurate representation of how people feel.Washingtons selection of the Oklahoma City Thunder as their most hated team makes perhaps the mostBest Player from Every State. The Step Back. Its a reddit poll fedoras and patchy neck beards. Nah, theres only a few subreddits that are full-on neckbeard. /r/cfb isnt really one of them.Texas Tech would be the most hated in NM, not for JUTEP they are just an after thought nobody really cares like/ hate about them! Post by TheGlove on Mar 1, 2016 16:58:07 GMT -8. collegefootball/eye-on-college-football/25496607/look-the-most-hated-college-football- team-in-each-of-the-50-states. Recent Reddit poll sheds light on the topic.Surprisingly, though, Michigan is not in the top three for most-hated college football teams in any of the included SEC states in the Reddit poll (Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee). In other cases, the most hated team is driven by in-state rivalries (e.g. Utah hates BYU, Washington hates the University of Washington, and Nebraska hates Creighton).5CHART: Florida State And Oregon Are The Top College Football Teams Heading Into The 2014 Season. Reddit College Football asked people in every state which college football team they despised the most. The site published the Hate Map after nearly 5,000 people gave their answer. California was one of the states that garnered more than 100 votes. Reddits CFB sub has completed an update of its HATE MAP, which is based on polling to find the team with the most haters in each U.S. state.Next Up In College Football. Your early 130-team rankings for 2018. The 16 people you meet in every recruits Twitter mentions. Ohio State. Every year, they are over hyped, over rated, with a powder puff schedule and a piss poor conference.

Most hated college football teams? Tell me the top 3 college football teams you hate? This is a list of college football teams by the number of weeks they have been ranked number one in the AP Poll since its inception in 1936 through January 8, 2018. No longer a FBS school. Bold denotes team currently ranked number one. List of NCAA college football rankings. AP Poll. Brace yourself haters the Fighting Irish have surpassed the Ohio State Buckeyes as the most popular team in the 5 billion college football industry. After losing 35-21 to the Oklahoma Sooners at home last Saturday, the 3-2 Fighting Irish have dropped out of the Associated Press Top 25 poll. conducted a nationwide vote of 5,000 people to determine who the most hated team in college football is, and here are the results, shown on The Paul Finebaum Show.

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