window.parent.location.href not working in firefox





I have a strange JavaScript problem using window.location.href, which apparently only affects Firefox (Im using 3.6). Normally window.location.href would not be read-only, and this works perfectly in FF Experts Exchange > Questions > parent.location.href not working in Firefox. ? Question priority can be upgraded with a premium feature. Solved.if you are not in a FrameSet then Try. window.location.href "mailboxowner.aspx?rightmailbox.aspxfolder" selectedItem <--this I just tested this in Firefox 8 and it works great.The problem: Firefox does not respond to location.

hash in some iframes. The simple example posted above in jsfiddle does work but more complex examples (in my own case in a Facebook app) do not. This code is working fine for all links including the Who RU Settings in Safari 3.0.3, Firefox, and Netscape Navigator 9.

0b3.IFrame location.href not working!!! difference between location.href and window.location.href? Location: Where the Waters Meet, Wisconsin. Posted February 21st, 2008, 9:19 am. Moving to Web Development.Firefox has aggressive caching that does not work well with that setup. There have been threads here in the past few months on this problem. It exactly works in Chrome and Firefox. I cant recommend it as universal solution but it should be mentioned here I think.Its an ancient piece of code that Ive used a few times: if (parent. location.href self.location.href) window.location.href https Do you get any errors in the error console in firefox? Tools Menu > Error Console Are you using frames or is it just a normal page? And: window.location.href window.location.href Email codedump link for window.location.reload not working for Firefox and Chrome. I finally got it to work in IE7, IE6 Firefox by using location.href instead of location.pathname. It appears that IE7 produces a different string than IE6 or FF when using location.pathname however, location.href produced the same string forwindow.parent.location.pathnamewelcome.asp None of the above things working for me in IE but the same is working fine in firefox.That also does not work. I have tried what you have mentioned. parent .document.frames. Till here IE, Firefox and google chrome href links work well, meaning all the browsers link to image2. In image2, I define another area and use the href within it to link to a graph (made with jquery). This html link works fine in Firefox and Google chrome, but not in IE. window.location.href in firefox. 2010-11-19 14:52 Vishal Beri imported from Stackoverflow.Can you please tell me why window.location.href is not working on firefox ? window.parent.location.pathnamewelcome.aspThank you very much for your reply, I appreciate it. I finally got it to work in IE7, IE6 Firefox by using location.href instead of location.pathname. Ayn Sayfa iinde window.location.href le verince Firefox ve chrome da sayfa postback oluyor. bunun yerine window.location.hash kullanlrsa sorun zlyor. < a onclick"selectTab(2)" style"cursor: pointer">