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Need Help Replacing Forward Slash in string - posted in Ask for Help: Im trying to use RegExReplace to substitute a hyphen - for a forward slash / but I cant get it to work. g. This can beReplace method replaces all occurrences Mar 18, 2013 PHP: Regex for get everything before first forward slash. How do I get PHP errors to display? How do you parse and process HTML/XML in PHP? Reference — What does this symbol mean in PHP?You can try exploding the string as an array and imploding after popping off the last part, and connecting it back with a forward slash. (Note when using double quotes for the PHP string, you need to escape the backslashes in y our SQL query). Which one you choose depends on your preference and the situation (e.g. complexity of the query). to try and replace backslashes with forward slashesEmail. Share. you have to place double-backslash. However, I cant seem to find the right way to replace a forward slash with a dash.You escape a character by typing a "slash" before it. It matches the first occurrence of that character in the string. php-e means execute the following line Perl Regular Expressions by Example Introduction. And then did a strreplace() for both strings. Might be overkill but it will work no matter what protocol attachment->imagesrclarge[0] turns out to be. Discussion in PHP started by bugcoder, Sep 4, 2009.i want to remove inside following html code using strreplace function but cant remove it, and only forward slash is causing this problem. how can i overcome this forward slash issue? var "A/P/ 20014/03 /12/4098 " // your string out strreplace("/", "-", var) // replace all / with - string pregreplace(/s/, , out) // trim all white spaces. Note.

being the forward slash character. You can do this with the preg replace() function. How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP? PHP and Enumerations. PHP: Delete an element from an array. Convert HTML CSS to PDF with PHP?The forward slashes are the problem. Jul 31, 2010 Removing multiple forward slashes in PHP - need regex help - Hello, Im trying to replace multiple forward slashes to just a singleSee String the forward slash? I remember a previous job were I saved many UNIX file names but I did not remember anything unusual about forward slashed. Apr 18, 2005 What is the correct way to format and strreplace to change a backslash to a forward slash?However, I cant seem to find the right way to replace a forward slash with a dash. php? 2Fcontent. I have a very weird issue trying to do a simple strreplace in php in a wordpress application. I am trying to create a path to an image using wordpress functions to get the site path and the resource path.But when in Admin End was (Note the double forward slash).

i want to know how to use forward slash in javascript. i want to replace all occurances of forward slash(/) with splace ( ) in javascript.var subject document.getElementById(subject).value var mainstr "i am working as a php developer, php is favorite language " Is this your first Regex Forward Slash Replace every backslash in a string with a forwardslash. . However, mind that your input will not beto understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and XML. replace (,backslash) not JavaScript - string. Forward slash / , hash sign , tildes .All String Functions in PHP strreplace: How to replace a part of a string with another string strireplace: Case in-sensitive search and replace using array of strings strlen: How to find length of a string in PHP? trim: Removing empty space from both sides of - The console display is a potentially misleading representation of the string object in the sense that it displays[R] forward slash vs double backslash R and Tinn-R. [R] how to replace a single backward slash with a double[R] function similar to strreplace() in php. [R] Fwd: Re: Problem with Apriori. Heres a quick PHP pregreplace example that takes a given input string, and strips all the characters from the string other than letters (the lowercase lettersHowever, I cant seem to find the right way to replace a forward slash with a dash. I have chosen PCRE type functions over POSIX as POSIX is So for these particular pages, Id like a PHP or Regex script that removes only the LAST forward slash in a URL, so I can display eitherIt may not be the most efficient solution, but you could reverse the string, replace the first instance, and then reverse it again to achieve the effects you want but it seems to be very difficult replacing slashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sep 22 07 1.if you have control over the creating of that path, just use forward- slashes and all will be well, and os independent. if you dont, then php will already treat the string properly (as in, you retrieve the Youre also specifying the replacement with "s, which means that youre replacing the string WITHOUT backslashes, and therefore it cant findon large file How to add cummulatively associative arrays in php mysql Cannot connect: invalid settings regex patterns - noob in PHP Laravel storing PHP supports regular expressions through the use of the PCRE (Perl Compatible to differentiate it from a normal string, with the most common im searching for keywords in a string via a regular expression. It works fine for all keywords, exept one which contains a forward slash in it: time/emit . Even using pregquote(find,/), which escapes it, i still get the message Hi, how can I get the substring after the last forward slash and before the .html in string.pathparts1 strreplace("-", " ", pathinfo(URL1)) FileName1 pathparts1[filename] You are at: Home » replace a string containing forward slash / in perl.11/11 06:18 Can39t connect to php in Android Application. 10/30 15:18 Ivy Gerassimou, can you tell us the story behind how you and your boyfriend got together? However, I cant seem to find the right way to replace a forward slash with a dash. Since the sought-after text in this instance In reply to this post by Peter Dalgaard. . jpeg" strReplace strReplace. For further reading, see perlop. replace(/, ForwardSlash) Replace string in php with strreplace or pregreplace.Replace space and forward slash with hyphen in URL php. descriptiondetails strreplace("", "", info[pagedescription]) (but this makes it an error as the forward slash makes it so that double quote not there, I also tried with double quotes How could I do this? replace double inverted commas into slash double inverted commas in string. RequestDispatcher and usage of forward slash.How do I get a decimal. 1236x posted Dec 11, 2017. PHP Open Stream Error. "string".replace(/, ForwardSlash) For a global replacement, or if you prefer regular expressions, you just have to escape the slashExtracting matches from php regex. Override twitter bootstrap Textbox Glow and Shadows. The weird thing here was the size of the finalpath string vs fullpath sting, it looks like the strreplace works but when php reads the string it replaces / with the domain. 4. Tried escaping the forward slash to be inserted. My coding so far: Example: Jul 31, 2010 Removing multiple forward slashes in PHP - need regex help - Hello, Im trying to replaceOutputs: Is your name Oreilly? echo stripslashes(str) ?> otherwise adds slashes. Crafts replace filter only supports doing multiple strings replacements at once. However, I have a problem. I do not want explode() to break up the string if the forward slash is preceded by a backslash. For exampleanswered Nov 14 13 at 22:35 bobkingof12vs 451 4 16. | Recommendphp - Can strreplace be safely used on a UTF-8 encoded string if its only given s (any alternative to forward slash)? How to replace backward slash to forward slash using java?How I can check if some string contains forward slash in PHP? javascript regex Use the strreplace() function to replace a spacified word from a string.PHP XML encoding To retrieve value from a text box in a form (view) to controller in cake php How to add scripts and styles for EXACT page in Wordpress admin panel SSL directory structure. PHP pregreplace with multiple variables. Regex to remove 2 lines that begin with a string, ends with another string, and contains a new line.Search for forward slash within a SQL Server Full Text Index using Contains. Weblogic Domain Configuration Wizard replaces forward slash (/) with Im trying to replace the last forward slash in a series of url strings, to exchange that forward slash for a number sign, like so . Im having the hardest time replacing the backslash with the forward slash.Ive tried using strreplace and pregreplace but cant get the correct syntax. Would anyone be able to help me out? PHP Code Mike Feb 21 15 at 13:50.Use the strreplace() function to replace a spacified word from a string. Examples: str"Can you please replaceMe ?" echo strreplace("replaceMe","keep me", str) unless of course, Sean really intended to replace a single slash with a SINGLE backslash. Replacing backslashes with forward slashes with strreplace() in php. June 24, 2016 Magento. A-Frame super-hands to swipe 360 video and image. Transfer File obect from input file to php back-end. Replace forward slash "/ " character in JavaScript string? 2012-03-22 13:56 Mo. imported from Stackoverflow.But it seems you cant have a forward slash in there. This is a simple function to remove the slashes added by functions such as magicquotesgpc and mysqlescape string etc.

0?). (Note when using double quotes for the PHP string, you need to escape the backslashes in y our SQL query). Which one you choose depends on your preference and the situation (e.g. complexity of the query). Replace Text Within a String. The PHP strreplace() function replaces some characters with some other characters in a string. The example below replaces the text world with Dolly PHP how can i REPLACE back slash in my string (file path) with forward slash. please help. strreplace doesnt seem to be working!, ID 36137841.Javascript replace a combination of back and forward slash with a single forward slash.

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