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I have a MacBook Pro that I bought around 2011. How do I know what level of SATA the internal hard drive interface supports? This is the About This MacRelated. 1. use a SATA to USB cable with MacBook Pro optical drive? Uses a single PCIe 2.0 x1 slot. Ideal for use as a boot disk or scratch disk. Supports MacPro 4,1 (2009) MacPro 5,1 (2010).Simply connect your Solid State Drive to the Velocity Solo SATA III connector and slide into an available PCIe slot in your Mac Pro. Optical drives Your Mac Pro comes with one or two DVDR DL/DVDRW/CD-RW SuperDrives in the optical drive carrier.Your Mac Pro can accommodate up to four internal 1-inch-high SATA 3 Gbit/s hard disk drives in the hard drive bays. SATA Optical Drive in 2006-8 Mac Pro.Select the alphabetic part of the Model Identifier ->. --Choose Model-- iMac MacBook MacBookAir MacBookPro Macmini MacPro PowerBook PowerMac. I then went to a reputable Mac-friendly site ( and purchased the SATA optical drive they advertise for the new Mac Pros. The 2009 Mac Pro uses SATA for its optical drive bays. I have an older IDE (PATA) DVD burner Id like to use with it. I know there are IDE-SATA adapters, but they take up some space, and the fit with many internal components is pretty tight. Your storage drive isnt just a container OWC 240GB Aura Pro X SSD For Select MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro Models.OWC Data Doubler, Optical to SATA HD Converter Bracket Solution for Mac Laptops. Optical Drive Carrier with Apple DVD Drive.

Speaker/Front Fan mounting bracket. PCI Bracket hold down (PCI Bracket is not include- Mac pro shrouds. - All case cables (sata, wifi bluetooth power ect). Most SSDs are 2.5 inch, the Mac Pro drive bases are 5.

25 inch for optical and 3.5 inch for HDDs. In 2009 Mac Pros, installing a SSD is a breeze. The same guide recommends using the 2 extra SATA ports on the 2006-2008 Mac Pros It works fine in OS X but in Windows it wont show. I read it was because windows runs in IDE mode and to enable SATA optical drives you have to modify the Bootloader for windows to enable AHCI. I followed the instructions for the Mac Pro 3 For Macbook Air Pro 13 15 External Superdrive USB 2.0 Enclosure CaseSlot in 9.5mm 12.7mm SATA Optical Drive Optibay Caddy.optical bay ssd macbook pro. mac pro hard drive bracket. Although the default optical drive in early models is an IDE/ATA, all Mac Pro models have two front-facing optical drive bays that can support two standard dimension 5.25" 3 Gb/s Serial ATA devices (also called SATA 2.0 or SATA II) courtesy of two Serial ATA ports. All PCIe slots are used on my Mac Pro so I would like to remove the internal SATA optical drive and install some USB 3 ports. I need an adaptor just like the option for the laptop I posted above but in the larger format. Mac Pro 3,1 also has two extra SATA ports, easy enough to run a cable from one or both of them to the optical drive bays.What is the best optical drive for MacPro (early 2008) ? Very simple step-by-step guide for Optical Drive to SSD swap? Once front fan is removed, access to SATA ports is revealed. 10 -. Remove optical drive sled by grasping and pulling up and out of machine. 11 -. Unhook IDE cable (black flat cable) from top optical. The 2009 Mac Pro comes equipped with two SATA ports, but one port is utilized by the factory installed optical drive connector. As a result, one of the NewerTech eSATA Extender Cable connectors must be removed prior to installation. Its the MacBook Pro, not your drive I have a stock Mac SSD on my MacBook Pro, and it has the same issue.(3) Your own link, at step 14, says about the 2008-9 MBP Unibodies: "The optical drive is SATA for the first time." Related Manuals for OWC Mac Pro SATA Optical Drive.Optical Drive Installation - All Models Now that you have fully exposed the logic board, look for the 2 SATA ports, circled here. Insert the L shaped SATA cable into the top SATA port on the logic board. Installing in Mac Pro PERMALINK. Mac Pro installation varies depending on model. In all Mac Pros, you can install the 2.5" SSD drive into a 3.5" converter case like the Icy Dock, so that it can beThe Mac Pro models prior to the March 2009 Nehalem are not pre-wired in the optical bay for SATA. Installation of the optical drive is straightforward but does contain some difficult procedures. We highly recommend you thoroughly read this manual before beginning the installation to avoid any surprises along the way. OWC also now has Install Videos for 2008 Mac Pro and Install Videos for 2006/2007 Mac Pros for this eSATA cable/extender kit. Another option, although more limited is to put a hard drive in the 2nd Optical bay (see this guide) using a SATA cable to the unused onboard SATA port or the 2nd 3G drive Sam HD753LJ Samsung Spinpoint F1 7K 750GB SATA 3G drive WD10EACS Western Digital "Green" GP 7K 1000GB SATA 3G drive.If you want more than four internal drives mounted in your Mac Pro, one way is to mount extra drives in the empty optical bay and tap into those ports. The later option is a simple and relatively cheap upgrade given that the Mac Pro sports two free SATA ports on the mainboard.I made an attempt to run an extender cable from the card to the spare Molex connector in the optical drive bay but couldnt find a satisfactory way of routing it. 2) Open your Mac Pro and move the drive from Bay 4 into your CD/DVD bay. Conect it to an ODD SATA port (and dont forget the power!).I have two sata optical drives in place of the PATA ones connected to the odd sata ports and OS X boots up fine. Upgrading Or Adding Optical Disc Drives To A Power Macintosh/Mac Pro.You do not need to do this for SATA drives. Upgrade the optical drive in your computer as per the individual instructions for the computer that you have. Install Larger Hard Drives Into A Mac Pro. 1. Unplug the Mac tower from its power source.2. Unscrew the bottom of your Macbook Pro using a Philips-head screw driver. Remove the cover.Remove the cables attached to the optical drive and remove the drive. 4. Place the Intel SSD into theThe SSD drive will remain secure in the casing, as long as installed with the drive SATA input Replacement DVD Optical Drive Hi, I have a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) MacPro5,1. The optical drive has died (wont recognise any CD or DVDs). Can anyone suggest a good replacement. I know its a SATA connection but other than that will any make work? Mac Pro :: Using Sata Port For Optical Drive?I have a Mac Pro 1,1 and I was wondering, can I use one of the sata ports behind the front fan for a sata optical drive since the one included is IDE? Узнать причину. Закрыть. Upgrade: Mac Pro Optical Drive. DJAJ101.128 Apple Mac Pro (Early 2008) DVD to SATA Blu Ray Drive Upgrade - Продолжительность: 28:10 TheDefpom 2 772 просмотра. However, unlike older Mac Pros, the new Mac Pro uses SATA for its optical drive (instead of PATA), so one of the two extra SATA ports is being used. Luckily, Apple wired up both SATA ports to the optical bay, so adding a 6th SATA drive the Mac Pro is as easy as plugging it in. The Optical Drive Connector (ODC) on the Mac Pro is often overlooked, because its sort of hidden. The Mac Pro 3,1 / early 2008 has two SATA II connectors on the mother board. Apple still sells non-Retina 13 MacBook Pros with optical drives this model hasnt been updated with new hardware in a long time. (Techies will note that the most significant speed improvements will be seen on late 2008 or newer machines, as those Macs support faster SATA II or SATA III storage Adding SATA III drive capability. For an index of all my Mac Pro articles, click here.Mac Pro drives before the upgrade. SSD Bak resides in the optical drive area. The four drive bays are taken up with the SSD boot drive, two HDD data drives and a TimeMachine drive. Your Mac Pro has room for six internal drives: two optical drives, and four hard disk or solid state drives.You can add up to three 3.5-inch cable-free Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives to the empty drive bays. The sata optical drive does work in fusion.ive just installed a pioneer sata drive in my 2006 mac pro. i decided to stick the pioneer in the top bay with my stock sony drive in the lower bay. when i hit the eject key the bottom drive ejects. i can eject the top drive by hitting option-eject but would like to Any uni-body MacBook or MacBook Pro is pretty easy to get into. is a great resource for a detailed photo walk-through of the steps to remove the optical drive from your Mac.1. The early 2009 MBPs were the first to have SATA optical drives. Great new processors Extremely capable graphics card Runs almost silently 18x optical drive Good bundled software.Processor and memory aside, the three models brought to us with the Mac Pros mid-2010 refresh have a lot in common. They all have a 1TB SATA hard drive running at 7200rpm a Inside your Mac Pro are four SATA bays, each of which can accommodate a 3.5-inch hard disk drive. SATA is also used to connect the internal optical drive (or drives) your Mac Pro comes with. Tags : macbook hardware ssd optical-drive sata.Why doesnt my Mac Pro see my new 4TB SATA drive? Updated November 01, 2017 03:12 AM. Hello all, I have an early 08 Mac Pro that I use for Pro Tools and would like to main OS drive to an internal SS SATA.Early 2009 mini A1283Is there a converter to install in place of optical drive to house a second hard drive?Is the optical a IDE bus or SATA?Thank you. Description. This is a SATA Optical Drive (Superdrive) Enclosure for the Unibody Macbook and Macbook Pro. This enclosure will allow you to make your internal optical drive (combo drive or superdrive) an external drive. view details. 160GB 2.5" SATA 5400RPM Mac Hard Drive Upgrade. Can I use a SATA 3 SSD instead of the optical drive? Can I "switch down" a SATA 3 drive to SATA 2?Part 3: Installing Second Hard Drive,SSD and 16gb of Ram Into Mac Book Pro 13in 2012.

In this video I show you how to install a second hard drive in to your macbook pro. Ive bought second SATA drive for my Mac Pro (BluRay).Forget the IDE you can also take that cable out of there - providing you dont need windows or linux(non- mac os x) for use with the optical drives connected to the oddports. We are now stocking Angelbird SSD wrk 1TB, 512GB 256GB drives which will be installed in our custom Mac Pro 5,1 systems as well as sold separately when required. The solid state drives can be installed on either SATA or PCI-E ports (with an adapter). your MacBook/Pro? If youre like me, you might consider repurposing the optical drive slot to accommodate another hard drive, like a really fast SSD drive.Older macs dont have SATA optical drives and thus cannot use the OptiBay and many other of these kits. So can someone give me advice on the quick and easy way to convert my MacPro from IDE optical drives (two bays) to SATA?On the 2008 Mac Pro,the fan cover is held by magnet, so is easier to remove. Some SATA drives have both SATA and IDE power connectors. Optical Drives. HP External USB DVD/RW 2013 Upgrade Bay DVD AMO - Carrier and Drive.Removable Hard Drives. HP 500 GB/750 GB/ 1 TB 7200rpm Primary SATA Hard Drive.Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows2008,Windows2003,Mac OS X. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your OWC Mac Pro SATA Optical Drive Computer Accessories. I have a mac pro 5,1. I would like for the internal drives to operate at SATA 3 speeds. what do you all think of the idea of de soldering the controller chip and replacing it with one that is sata 3? We set up an Early 2008 Mac Pro (MacPro3,1) with four OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSDs and booted from a standard SATA drive installed in the optical bay.

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