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In this tutorial, you will be able to learn how to use PHP variables and arrays in JavaScript. Ive been trying to convert a php variable into a java script variable. At the same time I want to save it in a format with HTML tags. The problem is Im Unable to escape the < this character in code. Converting php variable to javascript variable. Convert HTML CSS to PDF with PHP?PHP Forums on Bytes. 421,607 Members How to convert a php variable into the javascript variable. in a nutshell how do i convert this variable into a JS appropriate variable.Im poor with javascript can you help me to convert this php to javascript? Code:

Youll have to update your index file and the test.html becomes test. php. JQuery part of the code takes the value of your ID attribute on the link Stores it in a cookie. I would like to use a javascript variable that was returned to me by a videoel.getCurrentTime function and convert it to a php variable for me to able to add it up to my SQL Insert Query like INSERT INTO tblData VALUES (phpVarFromJavascript)informative on this subject online. could someone point me to the right direction on how to convert php variable so it could be used in a javascript a nutshell how do i convert this variable into a JS appropriate variable.

-Thank you. raw download clone embed report print PHP 1.85 KB. / Converts a PHP variable into its Javascript equivalent.drupalsetheader(Content-Type: text/javascript charsetutf-8) if (isset(var)). echo drupalto js(var) Last Modified: 2012-06-27. Javascript variable into php variable.I could be wrong but i cant see that this is possible because JavaScript is client side (ie. works in the browser of the user) whereas PHP is server side and has already been compiled and converted into HTML by the time it has You can pass variable from PHP to javascript by simply echoing them in a proper JS format. To pass variables from JS to PHP though, you need to make either a GET/POST request, either with a form, a link, a redirection, or xmlhttp. How can I convert the var slideIndex into a php variable. if you can click the link above, every time the user clicks the next or back button, on server side, I wish to store howBy the way, I am not good at javascript. OR Can javascript update and/or insert data to MySQL, I wish to insert the var x to the DB. am trying to get the javascript variables from the pay pal form into php variables to be able to insert it into the database any ideas? i tried to echo the name of the input ,ex:echo amount ,but it never worked. PHP provides a function to convert PHP arrays into Javascript code: jsonencode(). (technically, its JSON format JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation).Just assign it to a js variable. Possible Duplicate: javascript variable into php.I want to convert my JS variable to its MD5 hash. I think using passing JS variable to PHP and again use in JS i think this can be possible? How to pass JavaScript variables to PHP? 12 answers. I want to send article id using session, Source page contains many links to open one webpage but id is there in ID attribute of a href. like. Now php variable x can be used for a javaScript variable var x. The only real way is AJAX. When the form is submitted the form inputs are placed in the POST array. You want to use the PHP variable in your Javascript script so you dont want to convert javascript value to PHP but the oppositean ajax request to your server and save the data into a variable using SESSION and then get the data back onto a php backed page using the same session variable. Hi all, How to convert a php variable into the javascript variable. I need this because i want to display the content of php variable in the textbox of html field. With regards. Ive been trying to convert a php variable into a java script variable. At the same time I want to save it in a format with HTML tags. Email codedump link for Convert PHP variable into Javascript Variable with escaping character. Convert a single JavaScript file into PHP: js2php examples/simple.js > simple. php. Since js2php outputs the PHP code to stdout, you may run it right after conversion Inner function variable can access outer function variable, it is possible or not in java script.I am confusing for the closures.But I dont know if is possible access javascript variable in c code include in same javascript function.Thank you for your help. I send this Javascript array into PHP page using form submit.variable here.It seem that your form submit a JSON object to the server so use JSONdecode with second parameter set to true to convert it to array.using ajax, assign js variable to php variable, assign javascript variable value to php variable, convert javascript variable into php variableexample, .If youre looking for convert javascript variable to php variable then you have been in the right place because had 1 I want to convert js variable str into phpvar php variable.The order in which languages run is PHP -> HTML -> CSS -> Javascript. You can NOT go backwards from that order. On the other hand, you can send Javascript information through an AJAX call. Im trying to include JavaScript variables into PHP code as PHP variables, but Im having problems doing so.How do I convert date/time from 24-hour format to 12-hour AM/PM? [duplicate]. Convert PHP Integers Array Into Javascript Array With Jquery. This tutorial shows how we can take an array of numbers from php and use it an array in Javascript.Then, the idsstring variable is the new Javascript variable that is equal to the php string. Youll have to make an AJAX request (passing the parameters x and y via POST or GET) to a PHP script that performs the action that you want. In this case, a script like:

that gives only one alphabet!!! Here is what I have tried, val var jsvar "
Hello world from JavaScript" document.getElementById("link"I have to insert this json from the javascript into a mysql DB, this is why I wanted to pass it as a variable from JavaScript to PHP. I am using method to open a new window and passing a Javascript variable (String) using localStorage.setItem() method.Now I need this variable for an SQL query using PHP, something like "SELECT rowname from tablename WHERE id TheJSVariable". Many times when working with advanced web applications it may be necessary to convert an array of PHP variables into an array of JavaScript variables.

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