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Its a huge headache that Apple have half arsed-ed-ly fixed the position:fixed issue and done in a typically Microsoft proprietory way.Posted 24-May 2012 under apple css ios iphone Do i need to give any more details? Ios Overflow Scroll Not Working. How to make a scrollable iframe? use the CSS overflow-x property, thus overflow-x: scroll1 to 4. Web Dev Safari Overflow I realized that the overflow:hidden was not working on the after updating WP from 4. . Viewers cannot scroll left to right and right to left on either the iphone 5 or iphone 6 My modal works fine with a overflow, but its not scrolling with -webkit- overflow-scrolling: touch The scrolling without -webkit feals really laggy and is a dealbreaker to me. iPhone scroll not working. Sam Slater. 1.overflow:scroll -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch to a container div should work, however no matter what I try it wont. Anyone fancy having a quick look at the code to tell me which div Im missing? overflow-y not working in safari inside a modal. overflow-y: scroll ionic scroll bar not working on iphone.I think you can do overflow-y: scroll overflow overflow-y:visible is not working and For the longest time, developers were frustrated by elements with overflow not being scrollable within the page of iOS Safari.Hi David, Thank you very much. I already wasted my two hours to find that popup iframe scrolling is not working on iphone. The site is responsive, but when I view it in mobile width (specially for iPhone 4 5), the Scrolling a overflow: but regardless of what I do with the code I can only get one of the panels to scroll on a mobile this scroll was not working in the The overflow-y property specifies whether to clip content I am using following Style: .m-scrollable-filter overflow-x: hidden !important overflow-y: auto !important -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch !importantI have customize scroll using CSS3, its working fine in all browser but the overflow-x is not visible in iphone. Overflow Scroll X Not Working. 9:01 PM 20/01/2018.

Woodworkers Art, learning intarsia, all types of dinosaur, unusual fun gifts, american door harps, woodworkers display their work, galleries of the best scroll saw and other woodworking art plus valuable information and forum. I am fixing a website mene. The menu on the has set to modal. When I check it on Android phone it works fine (it is scrollable) but when I open it on iPhone the content of modal is not scrollable. I did try using -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site. About Us Learn more about Stack Overflow the company.JQuery mobile tool-tip popup(close) function is not working in IPhone 5. 41. jQuery live scroll event on mobile (work around). 0. IOS 8 does not read -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch so you should also insert overflow:scroll to fix this problem on IOS 8. In this case the versions which before 8 will read "-webkit- overflow-scrolling: touch" and the 8th version will read "overflow:scroll". Im having trouble with this page in mobile views - iPhone 5 6.I need the text area to scroll so it can all be seen. overflow-y: scroll is not working. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

iPad. iPhone/iPod Touch. Games. Websites.You can specify to have all scrollbars hidden or the x and y scroll bars separately. When trying to hide the overflow of a project I was working on I realized that the overflow:hidden was not working on the Safari browser. EDIT: Answer here:Google Chrome Bug Overflow:auto | scroll doesnt work My overflow scroll bar is not appearing in my results page.php.The only reference, since Im unable to find the manual for the phone itself, I could find is here: tuaw.com: iPhone 101: Two-fingered scrolling. When working with the overflow: scroll attribute, the -webkit-overflow- scrolling: touch attribute can be very useful on mobile sites.

God Bless You Patrick! I was just about to smash my iPhone. Why does my iphone display non-mobile numbers when I am entering new text?Ive tried using overflow-x:scroll, overflow-x: auto, all of it. The scroll bar appears but is disabled. It works in Chrome and IE Whats up. overflow:scroll -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch to a container div should work, however no matter what I try it wont. Anyone fancy having a quick look at the code to tell me which div Im missing?html ios iphone css scroll. share|improve this question. Now, on my iphone it didnt scroll smooth, so i added -webkit-overflow- scrolling: touch.[So I found a problem with my website so have added in -webkit-overflow- scrolling: touchSo that the scrolling left-right now works when content overflo. HOME Freeware Windows Mac Iphone Andriod Web Apps Last Updated About Us Submit. Find all informations about overflow y scroll not working in ie! CSS3 overflow-y property - W3Schools. The lines containing -webkit- are the key to make the scrolling work in Safari. In the overlay DIV you need overflow-y: scroll and webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch to force the scrolling.Tags: ios, ipad, iphone, safari Copyright 2017. If you try to scroll on iPhone/iPad a div content that is marked as overflow:scroll you will be disappointed. The scrolling feels unnatural as the "inertial scrolling" is not working. Overflow-Y scroll not working. I got the constraints just how I want it in iPhone 5 it fits in one screen and in iPhone 4 it overflows to the bottom which is fine. But why cant I scroll down? Only visible part of a scrollable div is rendered.The topic was created a year ago but it was tested on iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1 and scrollbars are still not visible (remark: test covered only overflow: scroll, maybe -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch does the work?). iPhone scroll not working. I have cleared all "overflow: hidden" css from DIVs throughout the mobile site, however I still ccannot get the mobile site to scroll. www.thesedaysweare.com/mobile (it scrolls on normal browsers, internet explorer for the phone, but not on iOS). During testing on a site I am developing, I noticed that -webkit-overflow -scrolling: touch that is applied to the container of my mobile menu does not work as expected on the iPhone 6, but it working as expected on the iPhone 5. When working with the overflow: scroll attribute, the -webkit-overflow- scrolling: touch attribute can be very useful on mobile sites.The footer in my app (made with meteor, running on iphone 7 with ios 10) was not sticking to the bottom. jQuery scroll to element. How do CSS triangles work? iOS5 - overflow scrolling horizontally is controlled by vertical touch. The font shorthand property is not working, but longhand properties do. Why? If the div you are tying to have scroll is calvw, this wont work, as you have overflow:hidden on it. Change the css of that element to: Overflow:scroll -webkit- overflow-scrolling:touch To enable native, momentum scrolling. It works fine even on an iPhone, but when running on an iPad more often than not (but not always apparently it depends on the type of content) the content area will simply notIn order to get a div to scroll you have to use the webkit-overflow- scrolling: touch style to force scrolling to work smoothly. overflow-x: scroll but Ive still the same issue.Im using a div with pinch zoom option, in ionic with angularjs mobile app. It is working fine on an android device, but on the iPhone (iOS 9) Im not able move the div to see the. Where is this property from: -webkit-overflow-scrolling ? that aint rightI tried your case on my iPhone 5 (on both Safari and Chrome).But when I tried to scroll by touching the content, it worked smoothly.on desktop/laptops and android phones but on my iphone when I get to the end of the text box there is no vertical scroll and putting my finger in theThe code -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch Is added to the css but it has not fixed the issue. HTML IOS 8 does not read -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch so you should also insert overflow:scroll to fix this problem on IOS 8.in this case the versio, ID 27019235.Get radio value not working in safari, but in mozilla.devices like in 320px width.So I use overflow-x:scroll,by using this my structure problem got solved but in older version of iPhone the scroller is not working at all and in newer version iPhone and in android mobile devices the scroller. Email Sign Up or sign in with. Google. Facebook. overflow-x: auto on iPhone is not scrolling.None of those solutions work, and even setting a percentage width to the wrapper div doesnt make it scrollable. luqita Nov 21 14 at 3:21. but it does work on Android phones and iPhones. Was broken on Safari and Chrome (iOS 7). Hypothesis: This is an iframe overflow scroll issue, its not seen on smaller screens as the navbar gets collapsed (so no iframe?). It is not working on my iPhone but it is different from your repro - the scroll bar is not visible at all.The parameter max-height (or heigth) is needed to enable overflows and scrolling. Without it, I can not make the div scrollable. trying to make my comments box scrollable using overflow:scroll. at first I thought it wasnt working cause I was using max-height over just height butUIScrollview scroll is not working when i tested application in device ( iPhone 5), But scroll is working properly in iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus simulator. Overflow Scrolling on iOS. A Pen By Chris Coyier Pro.To get the best cross-browser support, it is a common practice to apply vendor prefixes to CSS properties and values that require them to work. Long time client called the other day to tell me the scroll bars on the inner content on his site is not working on iphones and ipads site is 100 valid so I havent a clue what the problem might be.divinnerscroll padding: 15px 0 overflow: auto height: 500px Ive tried to add: overflow-y: scroll -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touchHome jQuery iPhone browser scroll faster - webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch with positon:fixed do not work - alternatives with Javascript? Now i had one problem. The overflow scrolling is not working on iPhone and ipad. If i remove dragging function,its work fine.What i do wrong? Scrollable div cant be scrolled when hovering a fixed element. Animatie Wordpress titles right to left once they overflow.In Mozilla Firefox the html tables do not work in a two-column div container. anchor id is not working in Chrome and Mozilla. Customizing search bar in iPhone application Development. How to get the image from uiwebview in iosscrollable -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch overflow-y:auto This works without the document overscroll script, but doesnt solve the div scrolling problem. During testing on a site , I noticed that -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch that is applied to my html does not work as expected on the iPhone 5 in safari even in chrome . I use this style for resolve it but I didnt succeed Elements and Scrolling Divs It should work on iPhone/iPod that has at Scrolling a overflow:auto element on a touch In mobile Safari on the iPhone, this scroll was not working in the android initially as we had a div If your iPhone home button not working or you have completely broken it Iframes overflow problem. iphone 4 seems to test okay. Iframe Not Working in IE, but fine in Firefox. im not sure if iframes behave differently. Using -webkit- overflow-scrolling: touch Not using the iframe i also was experiencing some strange effects with -webkit- overflow-scrolling. The -webkit-overflow-scrolling CSS property controls whether or not touch devices use momentum-based scrolling for a given element.Do not use it on production sites facing the Web: it will not work for every user. Overflow-Y scroll not working. Tags: xcode swift.I got the constraints just how I want it in iPhone 5 it fits in one screen and in iPhone 4 it overflows to the bottom which is fine. But why cant I scroll down?

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