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vixx.taek. LEO FANFIC UPDATED (link in bio) . 0. 13.vixx.taek. check out this leo fanfiction with eunji (( link in my bio. [Updated] VIXX fanfiction recomendation. Okay, so I was a little bored and did this.Why So Shy, Leo? (smut bunniechan) -allxleo-. LHomme Fatale (OT6 taekwoon-nim). Greedy Hands ( rated Davinci) -luck,wontaek,rahyuk Now on this particular hunt Hakyeon gets separated from the other two and encounters an Elimia named Leo. : D Thats all I will divulge.rating: nc-17. first recommendation. vixx. [ VIXX ()]. Dedicated to our : LeoN (Leo x N/Taekwoon x Hakyeon). RaKen (Ravi x Ken/Wonshik x Jaehwan).Screenplays - Rated: M - Indonesian - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,637 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 6 - Published: 5/29 - Complete.

jung taekwoon vixx vixx au vixx fanfic vixx fantasy taekwoon leo vixx leo leo au.feather-flesh will shriekingly fall. pairing: n/ken, hyuk/hongbin words: 16782 rating: m summary: this is the end, hakyeon thinks, staring into taekwoons hateful black eyes and raising his dagger, the circle vixx.leo. Follow. Giveaway ONGOING.

Photo to rightful owners Kylie Fanfics > Wattpad (byulvixx) Esther Fanfics > AFF (Zygomorphic) 2014.01.25 Related. vixx leo fanfic vf.1m Followers 3 VIXX at the KCO VIXX Leo 82495 VIXXs devilishl VIXX Members Pr View the profil Tumblr is a pla VIXX Leo Funny c truyn BLOSSOM TEARS (VIXX Leo).c truyn Shades Of Him (Vixx Leo x Reader Fanfiction). ROVIX: CALLING FOR RAHYUK AND HYUKEN FICS | Tags: review recommendations leo vixx hakyeon ken hongbin."of VIXX Stories Rec/Collection"? Please recommend VIXX-centric fanfics. (It can be from any website---its not restricted to aff fanfic only!) Home. Vixx Leo Fanfiction. Popular Cliparts. Clipart Powerpoint 2016. [VIXX FANFIC] Ten October Drabbles by hyukbins | AFF To anyone whos still around, heres a little something for October 2015. VIXX [PROJECT] Message Book for LEO (via MeltingVoice). Kpop fanfiction rated m. You heard apologies come out of his mouth to soothe the mans no doubt anger.Vixx jung taekwoon aka Leo Fanfic can be rated 18 at times xD Hope you enjoy this :) This is my KPOP Smuts (HIATUS) By topsecret199x 25. Kumpulan Fanfic. Laillas Imagination Zone hurt/romance, romance, sad, angst, Rate: 15. Queniva art. Origini puny saya.Cast(s) : Jung Taekwoon a.k.a Leo, Lee Jaehwan a.k.a Ken, VIXXs members. Part of VIXXs Winter Tripple Date. statsABOUT: Created just for precious VIXX pairs ESTABLISHED: October 24, 2013CURRENTLY ONLINEHere are some of my favourites (I shall be listing those that are mostly rated G/PG-13/PG, but if VIXX Leo aka Jung Taekwoon and Red Velvet Irene aka Bae Joohyun.Supported by Tyavis OC Anna Kim. A crime, family, slight!fantasy, and tragedy story rated by T in oneshot length. DISCLAIMER. This is a work of fiction. Leo gets extremely embarrassed if he is complimented. He has the habit of licking his lips. N said Leo has short legs and Leo admitted it. Leo was chosen as one of the torchbearers for the 2018 Winter Olympics, alongside fellow member N. He is part of the sub-unit VIXX LR, together with Ravi. Keyword Images "Vixx Leo Fanfiction". These paintings and photos to help you better understand what implied under this or that words (tags) " Vixx Leo Fanfiction" in detail. LeoN Fanfic!! VIXX!! Translate Show original text.By : Kensopu Cast : VIXX Member (Official couple), Eunji from A-Pink (just mentioned) Rate : T Genre : Romace, Dorm Life. Hari libur adalah hari yang paling ditunggu oleh Taekwoon, karen Leo vixx слушать онлайн без ограничений и скачивать на свое устройство Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now.VIXX - Leo x N (NEO / LEON) - Love Me Like You Do - Duration: 4:02. cbubblepink 2,033 views. Vixx leo injured fanfic. Written by Emma on Aug 14 2011.Feel free to tell us about images, Vixx leo injured fanfic videos and links if you read more articles / blog posts that you think we should know about. Affiliate: VIXX-6 [vixx fanworks]. 2014 Valentines Fanfic Exchange.Title: abraca-damn Recipient: yummyda Pairing: N/Leo Rating: PG-13 Wordcount: 3,000 Summary: Looking for: magicians assistant. Fanfic Terbaru.Leo LeoN Luhan Minho N Nurina Ryeowook Leeteuk Ryeowook Super Junior Sehun Siwon SS501 SuJu KyuMin Sungmin Sungmin Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Lee Sooman Super Junior M Sweet Taemin Takeko Takeri Tao TaoRis VIXX Wookie Super Junior Browse through and read thousands of vixx leo fanfiction stories and books.Vampire Vixx is a fanfic for a fellow starlight and its dedicated all to her because she loves them so much. I need to make a better list because Im having issues keeping up with all the VIXX fic Ive read. My favorites will be red. Stuff that makes me hurt but is still beautifully written is blue.just a prank Rating: PG Notes: vixx decide to pull a prank on leos bday. Fandoms: VIXX. Not Rated.shy Leo. kenjumma appears. Red and blue strings of fate.someone please give all these poor boys a hug. basically "N is the Heart and Soul of VIXX: The Fic". VIXX Mega fanfic rec. (sexual R to NC-17 fics in italics but im not tagging body horror, gore, suicide, etc tho so just read the authors notes if you need warnings).CATBOY HYUK leo. gothslut leo lmfao. leobin making out. Distorted Image A VIXX Fan Hiccup VIXX Fanfiction. Os VIXX Navi (N Ravi) Le Sweethearts [ VIXX Jung Tae Secret night [ VIXX 18 fa Youre Incandescent. Save Me [ VIXX LEO FANFIC] The Kiss (VIXX) Hyuk X Rea If you are Leo biased, please give my fan fiction a read! Sep 10. leo vixx lr vixx leo vixx ravi kpop fanfic sad taekwoon. Leo and Ravi make a deal.But will it be enough for greed not to interfere their plans? genre: angst,drama story written by: me please.A Growing Obsession - VIXX fanfic trailer - Dure : 1:23. azra zelea. To VIXX, the fans are like sparkling and shining stars, the fans STR is not VIXX, but VIXXs STR are the fans!! STRLIGHT is the finalized fanclub name. VIXX Related Links. VIXX transform into Wonder Girls? Leo Fanpop Fan Club! To complete the doll. I snuck back in. And hid behind Leo. Now time to wait. It only works. Doll. LeoFanfic. Fanfic. Leo. Download Vixx leo fanfics mp3 for free from is a one click free mp3 music download Feel free to search and download any song using this site totally for. vixx vixx fanfic vixx fic vixx scenario vixx imagine vixx hybrid taekwoon leo ravi wonshik hongbin ken jaewhan hyuk sanghyuk. leo vixx fanfiction | Tumblr. BEAUTIFUL LIAR (Rewrite) EPILOGUE PT. 19/19 VIXX : Poly! Leo and Ravi Genre : Angst Summary : Leo and Ravi find themselves struggling to let go of their feelingsThe Runner (A Leo Vixx fanfic) - Chapter 3 - Wattpad. (Chapter 11). Main Cast : Leo or Jung Taekwoon (VIXX) Kim Taehyung as V or Jung Taehyung . Park Jiyeon (T-ARA).VIXX Fanfics. tuberc-leo-fics. This is for all of my Vixx fics and drabbles. I am a complete Vixx hoe. Fic masterlist under more tab. Come into my ask anytime.Surprisingly not a crack!fic. Rated M. crying is better with friends: One (also on AO3). Taekwoon enjoys watching sad dramas. Pretty boy fire | fanfiction, Vixx ff akibat membaca fanfic tentang ia dan orang itu, hal yang tidak pernah di. duga terjadi. cerita asli bukan milik author dan di publish sudah atas izin pemilik cerita. dldrTerkait "Vixx Neo Fanfic Rated M" dari "Google Berita". vixx fanfic leo hurt. vixx fanfiction leo sick. Get notified when Remember [VIXX LEO Fanfic] (hiatus) is updated.Fanfic can be rated 18 at times xD. Hope you enjoy this :) This is my first time writing some thing please vote, rate,comment and tell me what u think about this so I can complete it even better. Married to Leo fanfic trailer [Vixx Fanfic on Wattpad:Msloney]. Hello Heres a trailer to my new story Married To Leo. Im excited to create this new fanfic and hopefully many of you will support. VIXX consists of 6 members: N, Leo, Ravi, Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk. You must join the community and abide by the rules before you can post.Tags: fanwork: fic, member: hyuk, member: leo, pairing: leo/hyuk, rating: nc-17. Rose Castillo was a shady woman who, apparently, knew the CEO of Jellyfish Ent. VIXX didnt know how she knew their CEO but if he trusts her then they must as well. Can CEO Hwang capture the ill-mannered people behind the rumors and scandals? Jimin VIXXs Leo as side characters some other BTS members show up too lol) Office au Romantic Comedy, Fluff.Featuring: Leo (VIXX) x Reader. POV: 2nd. Rating: NC-17. A little Dom!Leo. Summary: Youre supposed to be making Christmas cookies, but Leo is easily distracted. vixx leo. 1482 via lovehyuks src choigiraffe.23. wonsiks-hamster-taek: What caught Leos attention during filming [Hana Kaze]. Length: 2466 words Rating: PG-132 Pairing(s):N/Leo. Five times Hakyeon has to be Taekwoons translator, and one time Taekwoon speaks for himself. Notes: One of the first VIXX fics I ever read and one of my all-time faves. Welcome We answer VIXX scenario questions so ask away and enjoy your time here Est.

since 13102013 [Ask box status: CLOSED]. VIXX Fanfiction. Leo. Vixx Hongbin K Pop Google Search Lee Hong Bin Fanfiction 4 Life Deviantart Korean Guys Leo. Im Not Giving Up [Hongbin Fanfic VIXX] Hongbin may be dead Who said he was Hes not going to give up. Vixx Memes: VIXX FanFic Vixx Error (Hongbin) K PVixx Error Ravi M Countdow Leo Vixx Depend On Me Vixx 40 Best Vixx Images On Pin — [Fanfiction] VIXX Pregnancy Scares. Requested by. VIXX Member: ALL OF THEM! Genre: Humor and Fluff (this adorable request was incredibly fun to write!)Ever. Its always good to make sure, Leo replies. He offers to drive you a small drugstore in town hes even the one who purchases the

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