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RecommendGet Multiple Values From Database ASP.NET/C. m on an ASP.NET page. I am using a stored procedure to perform the SELECT command on the Database side. I am able to return the first value that matches the variable PERSON but only one row is returned each time. else. ViewBag.Message "Insert could not be done" return RedirectToAction("Index", "Question", new questionId question.QuestionId )public class TestController : Controller .How do i modify the value of char ? [duplicate]. Pass multiple arguments to a Func<> in C. When a multiple select control is posted to the server, the collection of selected values are processed by ASP.NET into a comma-separated list.The SelectList class doesnt support setting multiple items as selected, so it is not an option, but you can use either the MultiSelectList or a collection of What should I put in a "return"? I want to make a view with only two specific rows selected by Id from the table and put it in two separate grids.public class DetailsViewModel . public ConfigurationItem TargetItem get set public ConfigurationItem SourceItem get set public class ManufacturerModel . public int ProductTYpeId get set public int Id get set public string Name get set public List manf get set public ManufacturerIf In case I post back the form and the if it is return the value becomes blank, I need to refill the value Return values. The GetAll method returns a CLR object.ASP.

NET MVC 6 now supports injection into a view from a class. Unlike a VC class, there are no restrictions other than the class must be must be public, non-nested and non-abstract. Multiple classes we cannot pass from controller to view separately so we combine two classes using another class and send to view.Step 7. Add JsonResult method in controller. We are passing the values from view to this JsonResult method using Ajax. ASP.NET MVC is a very powerful, yet quite complex (if not complicated) web development framework. Theres a heaps of various namespaces, classes and functions.return selectList Show selected enum value on a page. The validation control classes are inherited from the BaseValidator class hence they inherit its properties and methods.Indicates error string. Error text to be shown if validation fails. Indicates whether the value of the controlThe logical group of multiple validators, where this control belongs.

Return Multiple Values from a Custom Function.return values from events, eventArgs. Return statement twice in the same expression. determining the number of output arguments. Post ASP.

NET MVC — Multiple buttons in the same form by David Findley is much more interesting, since his AcceptParameterAttribute is very similar to my solution.So even if you name your action SaveDraft, you will still need to specify AcceptParameter(Namebutton, ValuesaveDraft). The returned collections are added to the dynamic ExpandoObject class object and then sent to the View. public class HomeController : Controller.ASP.Net: Populate Google Maps V3 with Multiple Markers using Address Latitude and Longitude values stored in database Here Mudassar Ahmed I am trying to get/return multiple values from an SQL-Server database using and display them on an ASP.NET page. I am using a stored procedure to perform the SELECT command on the Database side. whoops made a mistake the PersonResult class should read as follows: public class PersonResult public ArrayList Ids new ArrayList()Most efficient way to return multiple values to client. By Michael Hetrick in forum ASP.NET Web Services. Sir i want to return multiple(name and statusid) parameter from web method and want to retrive in javascript function how to use it. I have attached my code. [System.Web.Services.WebMethod] public static string CheckPromotionCode(Int32 id) . A best way to optimize your application is to only make one call and return multiple result sets.ModelsFaqResultData.cs. public class FaqResultData . public int TotalRecords get set public PagedList PagedResults get set public Faq FaqItem get set public int SingleValue get A dropdownlist is a list of items from which user can select one or multiple values at the same time.public string FirstName get set Now add a class in which we create a method to get the studentdetails. I have created a StudentRepository class. ASP.NET Classes Reference. Method.Returns false or the specified value if the string does not represent true/false. AsDateTime(), AsDateTime( value). returning multiple values Thanks for all your help earlier. I am doing much better now. 1/3 of my script actually passes the tests now!Web resources about - Return multiple values from a class - .object-datasource. If you really want to return multiple objects, then maybe you should create a "wrapper" object, e.g something like this: please note: I dont normally use VB. NET, so there might be some errors Public Class OrderResponse. Public Property Order() As Order Get. Binding multiple fields to values or labels is not supported in ListControl, and has not been added to RadioButtonList.Firstly, we need to customise the properties of our new class so that multiple text fields can be specified. ASP.NET: Alternatives to Dynamic Controls - Part 2. Using Reflection To Extract Values From a Static Class.Note that the link is executing a javascript function named addFiles() onclick (and also passing itself in as a parameter value): well return to this shortly. I was recently working on a Asp.Net 5 Web.Api application and needed a controller with multiple get methods.public string GetByAdminId([FromQuery] int adminId) . return "GetByAdminId: You passed in adminId" Adding class libraries to an ASP.NET 5 web application. Creating an ASP.NET MVC View by Calling Multiple Actions.To pass data to the view, you use the ViewData property of the ViewPage class. This property returns a ViewDataDictionary object that has case-insensitive string keys. First how to send these files to the client within one request. Do I need to zip them up and then return to the client?var idp User?.FindFirst(JwtClaimTypes.IdentityProvider)?.Value var subjectId HttpContext.User.Identity.GetSubjectId() 1. How to collect from value in Class in ASP.NET MVC 5 Project? 2. What are the different ways to Retrieve Form Values? return View() Summary. In this article, I have shown you 4 different ways to retrieve form value in controller class. Route values Obtained from URL segments or through default values after matching a route. Querystring values Passed at the end of the URL, not used duringpublic class CheckoutController : Controller . public IActionResult SaveUser(. [Required, EmailAddress] string Email. all properties of abModel.a and abModel.b are null return View(abModel) My view is a strongly typed view of AB model class, I dont know why all the values postThanks for helping me Updated model as rene proposed public class AB . public A a get set public B b get set public AB() . Directory of ASP.NET, VB.NET, C, XML and SQL resources, articles, samples, tutorials, scripts, applications and sample chapters arranged by category.In WebMethod, I have created a list object of Products class and added all the values to the list and this WebMethed returns list of Products class. I am not completely new to creating classes, Ive done them before, and some pretty complex however this one is new due to the fact that I want to return multiple values. So my thought is to approach it this way. csharp,, actionscript-3, postgresql, reactjs. c.I am trying to get/return multiple values from an SQL-Server database using and display them on an ASP.NET page. I am using a stored procedure to perform the SELECT command on the Database side. ASP.NET Tech Stuffs. This blog currently contains the problems and challenges that authors of this blog have come across during their daily developments.How do you return multiple values from function? One feature conspicuously missing from ASP.NET Web API is the inability to map multiple urlencoded POST values to Web API method parameters.It requires one small class and a GlobalConfiguration hookup. Web API parameter bindings allow you to intercept processing of individual parameters - they An action isnt required to return any particular type MVC supports any object return value.To return data in a specific format from a controller that inherits from the Controller base class, use the built-in helper method Json to return JSON and Content for plain text. Im using a method using SoapClient class in a php page to call a web service in an site.How to load a large xlsx file with Apache POI? Why does Javas Date.getYear() return 111 instead of 2011? We will make an Asp.Net Web Service method to return multiple values with a single command.In one of my previous posts, I have explained about Asp.Net Web Service, which dealt about Auto Completing textbox by extracting data from the database. In this article, we will discuss how to post multiple model object values from View to the Controller action method.Once the wizard completes, the Model folder will be added with ApplicationEntities.cs class file. Step 4: In the Models folder, add a new class file of name ModelClassses.cs. Submitting a form and saving record in multiple table is very simple in mvc application. Use following step to insert data in database .Step 5 : Create object of Site class and and add properties value from the parameter properties value and latestEmpId. query "INSERT INTO myTable (name) VALUES("Gerard") SET newID IDENTITYQuestion 1: It seems to be impossible to run multiple SQL statements in one go from ASP.NET (or the ODBC driver?). return View(model) public class ChartAndListViewModel . public List ChartItems get set public List ListItems get setYou can only return one value from a function so you cant return multiple partials from one action method. Youve changed your return value to a new anonymous type, rather than a collection of strings.You should also rename your method as it is no longer returning strings, but complex types with multiple members. So you currently are looking to store the ts, ls and d properties, so lets make a class to store those in: public class Example . Email codedump link for ASP.NET Returning Multiple Variables to View. ASP.NET MVC is new framework to develop web application.This framework impliments the MVC patterns which help to provides seperation of code.namespace HelloWorld.Controllers . public class HomeController : Controller . public ActionResult Index() . return view() In this post we see how we can bind to editable enumerations-lists in an ASP.NET MVC view and get the updated values in our HttpPost action.[HttpPost] public ActionResult ImprovedServerRoundtrip(List Clients) return View("Result", Clients) ASP.NET. Home. Get Started.You could return a dictionary of Dictionary where the int key is the album id and the string value is the title. return false This attribute class can then decorated on the respective action and the respective Name value can be provided.Multiple parameterized (localizable) form buttons in ASP.NET MVC. SAPrefs - Netscape-like Preferences Dialog. This let you return a string as result and set the value of another var (Second) you can use more than one Byref variables to return multiple values The cons is that you have to statically declare your function and modifiy all previous calls. vmDemo.allEmployees dummyData.GetAllEmployee() return View(vmDemo)In ASP.NET MVC, ViewData is defined as property in ControllerBase class. To Use the values stored in ViewData, It is require typecasting to their datatype in view. Hooray! Theres no need for an adapter class anymore. The Attribute instead can implement an interface24: return 25: this, value, element, parameters)Also, Ive tried to apply multiple RequiredIf attributes to a property, but I get an error saying Im only In this blog post, we will see how to handle multiple checkboxes inside a controller in ASP.NET MVC.As you know buttons are rendered as native html code and .net assign some values for those input to handle them on the http post.

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