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I am not sure what your specific problem is, but strings in JSON are delimited with double quotes and only double quotes should be escaped, not single quotes.STON uses single quoted strings (like Smalltalk), hence escapes them. Im making requests to my server using jQuery.post() and my server is returning JSON objects (like "var": "value", ). However, if any of the values contains a single quote (properly escaped like ), jQuery fails to parse an otherwise valid JSON string. The project Im working on at the moment is in Groovy. In order to set JSON on page load, you have to escape either single quotes or double quotes. This article details my struggle with escaping single quotes in Groovy. From: prikid at gmail dot com Operating system: FreeBSD 6 PHP version: 5.2.4 PHP Bug Type: JSON related Bug description: jsonencode does not escape single quotes. Description: - When using jsonencode() and trying to insert into mysql table field with single quotes For a JSON-String, I wrote a small "setup", which is send afterwards. I encountered the problem, that if a user uses the double- quotes, my setup breaks.to display a double quote (or single quote) in a json string, you need to escape it Welcome. Each challenge consists in a given JavaScript function which accepts single parameter string. Your job is to write such a string, that will force the function to execute alert(1).JSON.stringify will escape both double quote and backslash, so we cannot use the trick from the previous challenge. example "hello" : """This is an example object I am using some single quotes and "double quotes".""" The output of simplejson is this perfectly formed JSON stringIt would be incredibly convenient if simplejson supported an argument to escape single-quotes as well Just escape the ". The issue is the escaping of the single-quote marks, which is unnecessary in JSON, since only double quotes are used.I have a service returning results as JSON string with escaped single quote.

var stringsObj JSON.parse( json stringsDataObj ) As you see, the single quotes up-there make that line of code a valid JS code.Is there a way to escape also single quotes in JSON.stringify? Im receiving JSON data from server that contains text which should have an apostrophe but instead I see the escape code for an apostrophe. Is this an issue with the way the JSON is formatted? This is how I have it on server-side I need to store the following json message in sqlite. However I am unable to do it since my input message has single quotes in it. Although the escaping of double quotes are handled, the single quote still throws an error.Single Quote Json Php Jsonencode Escape Single Quote Medical quotes Women quotes USA quotes Insult quotes Hang in There quotes Faith quotes Best Friends Forever quoteshippoquotes is an advanced image quotes search engine that allows users to view quotations in a gallery style. Here the message contains single quotation mark, which is same as the quotation used in JSON.There is no escape sequence in JSON for single quotes, and a JSON string cannot be single-quoted. setEscapeSingleQuote() public method. If true, single quotes will be escaped as "u0027".

By default, single quotes are not escaped.Whether single quotes should be escaped. I have some JSON data in a file that I need to process how do I escape single and double quotes. the sample here demonstrates what Im up against. register.filter def escapesinglequotes(string): The two backslashes are interpreted as a single one because the backslash is the escaping character. return Note the type is not "text/javascript" so the browser does not try to interpret the content.